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Empowering cities and people for a better life in urban areas

UrbanSens is a young and innovative startup based in Würzburg, dedicated to empowering businesses, cities, and citizens to address urban-related environmental challenges by harnessing the potential of remote sensing and IoT technology. As a team, we strongly believe in the transformative power of high-quality information for fostering meaningful and sustainable decision-making.

Our Platform

With our human-centered SaaS solution, UrbanSens helps identifying risk assets and areas for strategical allocation of financial resources supporting socioenvironmental resilience. We create enriched information based on leveraging Earth observation, IoT, quantitative, and qualitative data in a transparent way, building a bridge between research and society.

Invest better

Improve investments by utilizing data-driven assessments of social & environmental impacts for enhanced ESG reporting.

Evaluate natural hazard risks for optimized real estate site selection.

Determine economic risk of bonds, projects, and assets in finance.

Plan better

Shape the future through innovative urban and mobility planning utilizing detailed parcel, transportation, and environmental data.

Enhance urban planning through advanced mobility solutions and improved accessibility.

Create sustainable & resilient communities.

Adapt better

Build more resilient and equitable communities with targeted climate, hazard, urban, and community vulnerability data.

Strengthen infrastructure & prioritize grid investments.

Recover stronger from public health & natural hazard events.

Würzburg Summer 2023

Discover the urban heat mosaic of Würzburg in the summer of 2023 through our lens at UrbanSens. As experts in remote sensing, we unveil the land surface temperature (LST) distribution using our advanced downscaling algorithms.

Dive into the map and explore the subtle yet significant variations in LST across Würzburg. Witness the urban fabric come alive with heat signatures, offering insights into the city’s thermal dynamics. Join us on this journey as we decode the hidden language of urban heat.

Meet our team

We are convinced that the application of science and technology is key to address the future challenges in urban environments.That’s why we want to make the jump from Earth Observers to Earth Changers. Together, our team is well-equipped to handle the complex and diverse challenges of providing sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions for our clients.



With a focus on project management excellence, our CEO and Managing Director, Andreas Bury, is committed to advancing the team’s vision. He cultivates robust relationships with clients and stakeholders, while refining core business strategies and enhancing market positioning.



Bringing her background in environmental engineering to her role as COO & CFO, Sofía García prioritizes the human-centered aspect of our business. She spearheads our mission to deliver Urban Intelligence, empowering those dedicated to constructing a more efficient, equitable, and resilient future.



Dedicated to spearheading research and innovation, Nils Karges brings a multifaceted skill set to our team. With extensive experience in handling Big Data. His proficiency in UI/UX design adds a layer of intuitive functionality to our projects, ensuring that our innovations not only meet but exceed user expectations.



Bringing a rich background in urban and rural development, Annika Ludwig plays a pivotal role in our team by adding her expertise in data-driven approaches to infuse our projects with insightful perspectives. Additionally, her adeptness in working with stakeholders further strengthens our collaborative efforts.

Antonio Castañeda

With a rich blend of expertise in data science, and a distinct entrepreneurial drive, Antonio Castañeda elevates our team as CPO. His proficiency in IoT and edge computing enables seamless integration of sensor and spatial data, facilitating informed decision-making processes.

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Our shared vision of creating more livable cities and our commitment with excellence drive us to continue developing and improving our solution and make us confident that we can deliver measurable benefits and a strong return on investment for our clients. Discover your possibilities!

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