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Be part of the change.

Answer critical questions at the
intersection of urban tranformation, climate change, social equity, and community resilience.


Make meaningful decisions about
sustainability, ESG & energy potentials. 

Communicate with stakeholders and meet programm
reporting requirements

Solve your toughest challenges with the world’s first

Sustainability and ESG potential Plaform, to analyse your assets.


“UrbanSens responds to the growing need of organizations and individuals to understand and track their energy potential and ESG performance and guides them along the way with long-term environmental solutions and potentials.”

URBANSENS custom sustainability and energy potential reporting

Become part of the energy transition.

Our shared vision of creating more livable cities and our commitment with excellence drive us to continue developing and improving our solution and make us confident that we can deliver measurable benefits and a strong return on investment for our clients. Be part of the vision!

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